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Pictures from the California Coast

I love the Pacific coast. It’s simply gorgeous from Mexico all the way to Alaska. Over my last trip to California I was rewarded with some really nice sunsets. Here are my latest pictures, and as always, you can get prints from my website Enjoy! Goleta, CA Goleta, CA Cambria, CA Cambria, CA Pebble […]

The Abandoned Asylum

I had the unique privilege to visit an abandoned asylum and here are the images I made so far. I have so many more, I will be busy compositing until next year. 😀   Stay In Touch – Join My Newsletter   Sign Up Now   My Books Sale (based on 1 rating)

I'm in love with our mountains

Another post on the beauty of the Jemez Mountains, in Northern New Mexico. For the record, I actually grew up by the sea and I miss my morning strolls along the beach. But it’s hard not to fall in love with these views. This was by the San Antonio River. The water flows at the […]

To all of you who think New Mexico is all desert …

… think again! 😉The Jemez mountains are covered in ponderosa pines and rivers like Rio Puerco give rise to the beautiful waterfalls we scouted with some photographer friends this past week-end. Enjoy! © Elena E. Giorgi © Elena E. Giorgi © Elena E. Giorgi © Elena E. Giorgi   Stay In Touch – Join My […]


I was supposed to write a great blog post about some great paper a friend sent me. It didn’t happen. But I did catch a nice picture of dusk on my way home. So there.   Stay In Touch – Join My Newsletter   Sign Up Now   My Books Sale (based on 1 rating)

Starting the year with some new composites

Last year I only made one composite. That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t busy doing other stuff, but somehow the thought nagged me. Then last September I had a show at our local gallery with my old composites and the outpour of love and appreciation got me going again. So my new year’s resolution is […]

The Land of Enchantment

Some of my latest shots, all taken within a few miles from where I live. yes, I’m a lucky gal. Can you guess which ones are sunsets and which sunrises? As always, prints can be purchased here or here.   Stay In Touch – Join My Newsletter   Sign Up Now   My Books Sale […]

Riso, Patate e Cozze

Happy New Year. On new year’s eve we usually make a typical dish from Puglia, a region in Southern Italy, and since the recipe involves several steps, this year I decided to document every step with my camera. The result? A photorecipe that I’m sharing here in case you want to try it too. So […]

Holiday Recipes

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday break. Mine was very relaxing. One of my favorite activities was cooking, paired with food photography — which, you may think is obvious and easy but it’s not! Something that looks inviting may turn out to be totally meh in a picture. Here are some […]