Monthly Archives: October 2015

Bestselling author and talented writer Nicholas Sansbury Smith has been a guest on CHIMERAS numerous times. That’s because his series, Extinction Cycle has some really cool science built into the premise and plot. I’ve already blogged about how Nick uses epigenetics to create a new kind of “zombies”, but today I wanted to invite him over […]

Fall Colors

Are you catching some fall colors where you live? The southwest has been blessed with rain all summer thanks to El Nino, and since the fall has been unseasonably warm, we’ve had some stunning colors that are lasting a really long time this year. Here are some shots. Hope you enjoy. 🙂 © Elena E. […]

Two new preorders

Remember this beautiful image from my talented friend Gretchen Chappelle? © Gretchen Chappelle Well, it was inspiring. Gretchen was so gracious to let me license it for a book cover and I’m so excited to finally see it out there. The Gaijin Girl, a short story set in the world of the Mayake Chronicles, is […]